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How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

Anxiety in Children and Young People is on the Increase and all Parents need strategies to cope and combat Often children and young people act like they don't have a care in the world, and other times they may be overwhelmed with worry and stress. Although the stresses of adulthood are not the same as those of adults, they do feel anxiety in very similar ways.

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If I Coached Will Smith About Controlling Anger

My Reaction to the Will Smith Slap! How I would Coach Will Smith to control his anger and impulses. You've no doubt heard about and seen the viral video of the now infamous Will Smith Chris Rock slap! As Will Smith attacks Chris Rock in an outburst of anger and lack of self-control. If I coached Will Smith (or anyone) to control their anger and violent

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Help Your Child Be More Positive

Watch the short video above. It's not what happens to us, but how we respond, label, judge and process the situation or circumstance is what matters. Isn't it? Our experiences are neither good or bad in that moment, it’s how we process and label them, that makes all the difference. Watch this helpful video with top confidence coach Annette Du Bois and please ask

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Is it normal for a child to say I hate you

How does it feel when your Child/Teen says they “Hate” something and what does it mean when a child says I hate you? Awful of course and it often touches a nerve deep down, but the answers can be found here. It’s a hard thing to hear when your child/teen says they “Hate” something. This is usually an outburst based on another behavioural trigger or situation,

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From Shy To Confident With CHAMPS Academy Coaching

From shy to confident in just a few weeks! Here's one mother's very thankful testimonial of how CHAMPS Academy Kids Confidence Coaching has helped... My 10 year old girl had very low self esteem and CHAMPS has brought amazing benefits on her in just the first 2 weeks. She used to hide herself behind her long hair and after just 2 sessions she decided she wanted her hair short and is not hiding her

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How to Control Anger In Your Child

Anger is destructive, damaging and exhausting. It’s the quickest emotion to show and the hardest to control. Especially in times of challenge there can be lots of reasons to feel the overwhelm of frustrations, restrictions and family stress. If you or your child are quick to overreact and susceptible to angry outbursts, then follow these 3 simple steps to manage the negative and dangerous emotion. AWARENESS:

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Is Social Media the Real Cause of Children’s Mental Health

We now see and hear the headlines almost daily about the staggering and worrying rise in Children’s Mental Health and each one saddens and disappointments me, I wonder where our society is heading in the future? It saddens me because such young lives are being affected unnecessarily, and disappointment because the cause is often disproportionate and surface level? The real cause is not being addressed sufficiently,

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Exam Stress: Parent Survival Guide

It’s been described by many as one of the most stressful times of parenting… Exams! The intensification of pressure and acute stress is causing ‘exam meltdown’ in households across the country judging by the number of Parents contacting us on a daily basis about their ‘Exam-Stressed’ children. This can have such an impact on the whole family it can feel like walking on eggshells all the

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Girls Body Image Crisis

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse for young girls and their body image insecurities... think again. The latest trend is the "Slim Thick" look. What? you probably say… me also! Of course, you’ve guessed it... being led by the likes of Kim K! And if you’re new to this body image trend then the actual Slim Thick definition is… A girl with a

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Let’s Talk About Body Image!

“I hate my body”, “I’m fat”, “I’m ugly”, “I’ll be happy when I’d skinny”, “My nose is all wrong”, “My lips too thin” and so it goes on. You may not hear your son or daughter say this out loud but this is likely what they’re constantly thinking… and worse! And where has it all come from? To a child, how they look is more important

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