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Hi I’m Ann Teehan, Mum to 4 great and very individual kids. 3 girls and 1 boy ranging from ages 5-17. And I’m a CHAMPS Academy Coach for the South Dublin and Wicklow area.

The world today is a completely different place to when I grew up… especially for our children.

There are many more outside influences especially with social media all promoting this perfect life which puts pressure on our children to be the same. It also breeds bullies and trolls. All adding to the complexities of growing up.

Ann and Jenn

More About Ann and Jenn…

About Ann: I’m a qualified nurse and have been working with adults with an intellectual disability for the past 15 years where I met my fellow CHAMPS coach Jennifer.

My interest in kids and teens life skills and confidence coaching comes from my own shyness as a child and from my children’s’ struggles with anxiety, especially my eldest girl who is on the Autistic Spectrum.

I would love to help young people by teaching them the skills that will help them become more confident, to help them to deal with life’s challenges as they arise and to have the courage to try new things. Basically, to help make their lives easier, more enjoyable and less stressful.

About Jenn: Hi, my name is Jennifer O’ Donovan. I am a proud of Mum of 3 kids, 2 girls aged 13 & 6 and 1 boy aged 8, each owning their very own unique personalities.

As my children move through their various milestones in their young lives, I recognise the necessity of learning various life skills and the importance of gaining self-confidence and self-esteem to deal with the very many challenges life throws their way. It is from the love of watching my children grow confidently, but not without struggle, that I would love to help other children grow in confidence and achieve their personal goals, big or small.

I have been working as a Qualified Social Care Worker since 2001. Throughout these years I have worked with families who are in crises, and with adults with Intellectual Disabilities, where I met and work with my fellow CHAMPS Coach Ann Teehan.

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Your inspired coaches, Ann and Jenn

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