CHAMPS Academy Can Help Explode Your Self Confidence and Overcome Any Mental/Emotional Challenge.

Hello, are you looking to increase your Confidence and Self-Belief in certain areas of your life? Have you Mental Challenges that need addressing and sorting out?

CHAMPS Academy Coaching offers you the opportunity to work closely with a fully-trained, emphatic, caring and results driven Coach. To help you increase your Self-Confidence with our CHAMPS Academy Adult Super-Confidence Coaching or overcome Mental/Emotional issues or barriers with our CHAMPS Academy Adult Transformational Mindfulness Coaching.

This side of our website caters for adults all ages and backgrounds. No matter what the problem — CHAMPS Academy Coaching offers the solution.

CHAMPS Academy Confidence and Mindfulness Coaching is powerful and effective without the need for gimmicks or showboating seen on so many other  websites!! (You know what we mean!?)

Our approach is different and unique and focuses on results… to help you improve your Confidence or handle mind-issues with our sensational approach to mindfulness and mental health. So, if you want to increase your Confidence, we can help. If you want to overcome mental-blocks, we can help. Get in touch today.

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    Our Coaching Services.

    We realise that people are NOT the same and need different approaches and techniques for certain things. Plus life is more complex today than it was in the past. That’s why our Coaching Packages are perfectly designed with you, your needs and personal goals firmly in mind.

    Self Confidence

    When you work with a CHAMPS Academy Coach they will assess specifically and accurately just what you need to shatter your perceived and psychological limitations and unleash the Confident and Powerful you.

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    Struggling with Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Emotional Blockages, Sleep Problems, or Life-Pressure, then our Mindfulness Meditation Coaching and solutions give you the help and support you need to Create Space… Discover Presence… And Live More Mindfully.

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    Unlike many other people we don’t do gimmicks, or need to use flowery language to prove to you just how powerful our Coaching can be. We are 1000% committed to your success and happiness.  

    High Level Coaching in Self Confidence or Mindfulness…  For The Issues We All Face Today!

    • Personal Confidence

    • Career and Work

    • Mental Blocks

    • Self-Belief

    • Achievement and Success

    • Life Changes

    • Age and Self Worth

    • Fulfilment and Purpose

    • Relationship Breakdown

    • Overcome Fears

    • Handle Stress

    • Change Habits

    • Self-Motivation

    • Goals and Dreams

    • Develop Higher Thinking

    • Overcome Barriers

    • Communicate with Clarity

    • Unleash Limitless Potential

    • Manage Anxiety

    • Live in the Moment

    • Control Negativity

    • Take Control Over Your Thoughts

    • Create a Deep Sense of Inner Peace

    • Become More Grounded

    • Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Issues

    • Avoid Burning Out and Illness

    • Balance Emotions

    Your Coaches

    Who’s behind CHAMPS Academy and how to contact us about your Coaching needs.

    More About Who We Are

    Annette Du Bois

    Annette is the Coach Leader and CHAMPS Academy Co-founder.

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    Annette Du Bois

    Annette is the Coach Leader and CHAMPS Academy Co-founder.

    Read more about Annette>

    Find Coach in UK (coming soon)

    Locate your nearest CHAMPS Academy coach.

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    Find Coach Worldwide. (Coming soon)

    Find a CHAMPS Academy coach worldwide.

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