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My Mission is…

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

To help young people overcome their mental and psychological setbacks and live their lives to the full without the need for  lengthy and often ineffective Therapy or Counselling.

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

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My Mission is to Empower Your Life

My Mission is…

To help young people overcome their mental and psychological setbacks and live their lives to the full without the need for lengthy and often ineffective Therapy or Counselling.

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Unleashing the Power of Confidence: Annette Du Bois – The Architect of Confidence and Resilience for Tomorrow’s Young Adults

As the world turns at an ever-increasing pace, challenges facing our younger generations rise in both number and complexity. The clamour of society,  National and Global events, the white noise of social media, the insidious peer pressure, all conspire to weaken the delicate fortitude of our children’s self-esteem and mental resilience. Yet, there’s a beacon of hope – someone who has dedicated her life to emboldening the spirits of our youth, helping them navigate through the labyrinth and challenges of life.

Annette’s New Book is out in 2024.

Annette Du Bois

Annette is the author of her amazing new book entitled: ‘BEYOND THE SLAMMED DOOR! How To Understand Your Teens Mind and Behaviour’ (out in 2024). Confidence Quest Book

Is a multiple award-winning coach and a nationally recognised authority in instilling confidence and mental resilience in youngsters. Her name shines brightly in national newspapers and popular TV programs such as Sky News, The Telegraph, HELLO Magazine and BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. Her astonishing expertise is underpinned by over two decades of direct involvement with young minds, aiding them in breaking free from the shackles of their mental hurdles.

Drawing from her treasure trove of experience, Annette crafted the ‘CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching’ system. This unique formula, free from therapy conventions, infuses potent life-skills into young people, fostering swift and radical transformations. Annette’s approach empowers her young proteges to face everyday trials and mind-based quandaries like fear, anxiety and self-esteem issues head-on.

As evidence of her extraordinary capability, Annette was appointed as a Sky Academy Ambassador – the only confidence coach to receive such honour. Her compelling narratives on fostering self-confidence in youngsters have adorned many Sky News stories.

Through her pioneering coaching approach, Annette not only raises children and teenagers self-esteem but also augments their social skills. Relationships with parents flourish; bullying becomes less intimidating; professional development acquires a new dimension; social anxiety dwindles; ability to make appropriate choices strengthens; dependence on social media reduces; handling disappointments becomes effortless; relaxation comes naturally; body image issues resolve; and they feel generally happier.

In essence, Annette’s coaching imbues our children/teens with a formidable mental armour, making them resilient to adversity and primed for success.

Furthermore, Annette is adept at helping neurodiverse children/teens thrive in their unique way. Her interventions guide them in overcoming emotional turbulence, making better decisions and avoiding over-stimulation from technology.

At the heart of this transformational journey is the woman herself – Annette Du Bois, the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy. With over 30 years of experience in effecting positive change and fostering personal growth, she has become a symbol of hope for parents seeking to unlock their child’s full potential.

Will your child/teen be next?

Perhaps it’s time to let Annette Du Bois guide them towards becoming the ultimate versions of themselves – confident, mentally strong, and resilient. This journey promises not just a transformation but an evolution. Let’s take that first step today.

To read more about Annette Du Bois’s revolutionary methods and how they can benefit your child, click here. The link will transport you to a universe where the growth of your child’s potential is unbounded, and where a brighter future is just a few scrolls away.

  • Award Winning
  • Highly Experienced Qualified Coach
  • As Seen On TV
  • Recognised Expert and Authority
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Business Women Excellence Award Winner

Watch Annette’s Inspiring TEDx Talk on You Tube (below)

Annette’s TEDx Talk

Annette’s on Sky TV

Annette on BBC Radio Sussex


To find out more about Annette Du Bois, simply ‘Google: Annette Du Bois’


Ian Fox: Transforming Challenges into Triumphs – “The Vanguard of Youth Empowerment and Resilience”

The voyage of a child towards adulthood can be a turbulent one, buffeted by challenges from every direction. Yet, it is in these storms where the roots of resilience and mental toughness take hold. Someone who understands this journey more intimately than most is Ian Fox – a man who has weathered many storms and emerged victorious.

Ian Fox

Ian, an acclaimed author, NLP Master Teacher, and a Language and Communication expert, has trodden paths many would shy away from. His mastery over Martial Arts and Health and Fitness, and his ability to captivate audiences worldwide, even earning him Guinness World Records, is testament to his enduring spirit.

It’s this spirit that forms the core of CHAMPS Academy, which he co-founded. Ian firmly believes in equipping kids with the tools they need to face life’s challenges head-on. His own childhood experience of severe bullying that left him bereft of confidence and communication skills fuels this drive.

However, Ian’s life took a transformative turn when he sought help from empowering role models and masters of motivation and personal development. Their influence helped him break free from his inhibitions and self-imposed limitations to achieve stellar success in sport, business, and life.

Ian is now a sought after speaker on Empowerment, Mental Toughness and Mindfulness. You may have heard him on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 in recent times.

Ian plays a vital role assisting in Annette’s essential work and developing all aspects of the CHAMPS Academy brand.

  • Author & Speaker
  • Over 40 + Years Experience
  • Mental Toughness and Mindfulness Expert
  • TEDx Speaker

Watch Ian’s Thought Provoking Inspiring TEDx Talk on YouTube (below)