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My Mission is…

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

To equip young people with proactive/practical strategies and tools to be more resilient to life’s challenges, feel more confident in any situation, also mentally and emotionally prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

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My Mission is to Empower Your Life

My Mission is…

To equip young people with proactive/practical strategies and tools to be more resilient to life’s challenges, feel more confident in any situation, also mentally and emotionally prepared for whatever life throws at them.

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Empowering Young People To Be More Confident For Over 20 Years

In the ever-changing, challenging and complex world in which children and teenagers are growing up, it feels like they are battling on many fronts. Creating many negative, unsupportive reactions and behaviours.

Many children and teens not only struggle with self-confidence, but also the ability to navigate social interactions, and manage their emotions effectively.

And for neurodivergent children, these challenges can be even more pronounced. As a parent, you may feel lost, worried, or unsure how to best support them?

But there’s someone who gets what young people today are going through – the self-doubt, the feeling of not fitting in, the challenges of growing up. She’s been there herself and has made it her mission to help children and teens navigate life’s tough times and modern challenges.

Annette’s groundbreaking ‘CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching‘ system has impressed parents and draws from her years of real-world experience. Unlike traditional therapy and counselling, this unique formula equips young people with practical tools for everyday life.

Offering tested, realistic, and workable solutions kids and teens can use (and want to use) every day to increase confidence, self-esteem, manage anxiety and emotions effectively, as well as develop their inner resourcefulness and happiness.

Through Annette’s pioneering approach, she empowers children and teenagers to live life to the full – boosting not just their self-esteem, but their social skills too, giving them a higher sense of purpose.

Annette Du Bois has the unique ability to connect with young people on an extraordinary level, where many others struggle. She is highly skilled in communication, empathy, and psychology making her one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.

Annette Du Bois Confidence Coach

Within just weeks of Annette’s coaching, you’ll notice some very positive changes in your child/teen:

  • Improved parent-child relationships and family dynamics
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Better able to handle bullying, negative banter or psychological intimidation (mind games, etc)
  • A resilient mindset to handle difficulties with reassurance
  • Emotional calm to respond to disappointments with maturity
  • Responsible attitudes toward social media and technology
  • Renewed motivation, optimism, and drive to achieve their best
  • Ability to relax and manage overwhelming school pressures
  • Start to develop a sense of higher personal authenticity and self-identity, reducing the social comparisons and judgments for a healthier self-image
  • And what parents dream of – which is a genuinely happier child, who smiles more often! 🙂

Annette’s coaching accesses your child/teen’s capabilities and inner resources and allows them to become more competent and self-reliant.

But, where did it all begin?
Annette Du Bois’ Personal Journey And How CHAMPS Academy Started 

From a young age, I faced immense challenges that shattered my self-confidence. At just 4 years old, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid – a rare condition that caused drastic fluctuations in my weight and appearance. These visible changes made me a target for relentless relational bullying.

I was utterly isolated and excluded by my entire class. No one would look at me or speak to me. Anonymous hateful notes in my desk left me feeling hurt, invisible and insignificant. Sadly, my health deteriorated, leading to having surgery to remove 80% of my thyroid gland.

Unfortunately, the decision to use clips instead of stitches left me with a permanent, raised scar – a constant reminder that amplified the echoes of the bullies tormenting my mind, not to mention leaving me feeling very self-conscious. My self-esteem plummeted to rock bottom. I was excruciatingly shy and had very low self-worth.

The traumatic events occurred between Yr6 and Yr 7 (Class 6 and 1st year secondary in my day!) Imagine the fear and anxiety I felt, starting a new chapter with a glaring red scar and the emotional scars of relentless bullying.

These years of torment left an indelible mark. As a young adult, I was plagued by a constant need to prove myself, desperately seeking acceptance and approval from others. The drive to outrun the shadows of my past became an all-consuming pursuit.

The Corporate Years

In my early corporate years, I immersed myself in the fast-paced telecommunications industry. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and promotion, I ascended the ranks with remarkable speed, becoming the youngest call centre manager of a bustling team – a feat I accomplished before even turning 21.

My hunger for learning was insatiable. I continuously sought out opportunities to expand my horizons, undertaking certified training programs that delved into the realms of mindset, psychology and human behaviour etc.

However, life took an unexpected turn when I faced the harsh reality of redundancy twice in quick succession. Amid this upheaval, a profound question emerged, echoing in my mind: “What do I really want to do with my life?”

Throughout this process, I had been captivated by the immense power of the human mind and its profound influence on behaviour, actions, and emotions. This fascination ignited a burning desire within me – a yearning to empower young individuals and shield them from the pain of bullying, which I only knew too well.

Driven by a Profound Realisation

Driven by this profound realisation, I embarked on a transformative journey, retraining as a life coach and immersing myself in the realms of psychology, linguistics, mindfulness, and youth personal safety. With each new skill I acquired, my determination grew stronger, fueling my desire to create a lasting impact and make a difference.

It was from this deep learning pool and personal experience I created something I called ‘Bully Coach’.

A training program that would empower and equip young people with the tools to handle and overcome bullying.

Annette coaching kids in school

Annette Du Bois with the primary school group.

Whilst it was great to be able to offer Schools and parents practical Anti-Bullying techniques in the process, I quickly realised that it wasn’t about preventing bullying, it was about empowering the individual to be all they can be and not take on the ‘victim mentality’ that projects weakness to others.

CHAMPS Academy Was Born

From this realisation, CHAMPS Academy was born, offering in a new era of transformative coaching. At its core is the “CHAMPS Applied Confidence Transformation Coaching” system – a meticulously formulated and proactive approach to children and teen confidence coaching, designed to deliver maximum and rapid results without the need for traditional counselling or therapy.

I hold an unshakable belief that every child has an inherent right to realise their full potential in life, irrespective of their background, challenging beginnings, or circumstances that may be beyond their comprehension.

Also, the truth is those children who resort to teasing and bullying are often in need of just as much guidance and support as those they target.

The complexities faced by today’s youth are multifaceted and perhaps more daunting than ever before. The overwhelming demands of academic pressures, the weight of national and global events that fuel our collective concerns, the pervasive and potential negative effects of social media, the pressures of ‘peer pressure’, and countless other factors, all conspire to erode the delicate balance of our children’s self-esteem and mental well-being.

My mission was clear – to become their beacon of hope, guide, mentor, and coach, giving them reassurance and direction amidst the tumultuous seas of life’s challenges.

Through my 1:1 personal coaching, I want them to get practical strategies and tools that could be easily integrated into their daily lives, empowering them to overcome the many difficulties and stresses they face.

These techniques are far from mere “sticky-plasters”; rather, they were carefully developed to cultivate a sense of self-assurance and real-world resilience, equipping them with the mindset and ‘know-how’ to navigate even the most challenging of life obstacles.

Annette Du Bois’ New Book

Annette, a well-respected and accomplished leader in children’s confidence coaching and youth empowerment, has also written a groundbreaking book, “Beyond the Slammed Door! How To Understand Your Teen’s Mind and Behavior,” set for release in 2024.

The book delves into the intricate world of teenage psychology, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of adolescence. Through her unique blend of practical strategies, thought-provoking perspectives, and real-life experiences, Annette helps parents develop a deeper understanding and more effective communication with their teens.

This is going to be an indispensable resource for parents.

Annette’s New Book is out in 2024.

Annette Du Bois’ is an Award Winning and Nationally / Internationally Respected Coach and Authority

Annette Du Bois is a multiple award-winning coach and a nationally recognised authority on instilling confidence, mental resilience, and Neurodiversity in young individuals.

Annette has been featured on numerous prestigious platforms, including national newspapers and popular television programs such as:

Sky News
The Telegraph
Daily Mail
HELLO Magazine
BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour
TEDx Speaker

In recognition of her remarkable achievements in nurturing empowered and confident young individuals, Annette was handpicked by Sky to lend her invaluable expertise and support to Sky Academy’s Confidence Month. This pioneering initiative was also bolstered by a stellar lineup of ambassadors, including esteemed figures such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Davina McCall, Alfie Deyes, Ella Eyre, Justine Roberts, and Melvyn Bragg.

Sky Academy held initiatives across the nation, engaging with young people and sharing their inspiring stories of how confidence has played a pivotal role in shaping their illustrious careers.

Annette has also been awarded the following:

  • Award Winning Influential Woman (Venus)
  • Business Women Excellence Award Winner (BWEA)

Annette Du Bois is also a Neurodivergent Specialist Coach

Annette’s expertise extends far beyond nurturing confidence and resilience in young individuals. She is qualified and trained in helping neurodivergent children and teens navigate the complexities of their condition and the long-term challenges they may face.

With compassion and understanding, she empowers them to not only manage their unique circumstances but also recognise and celebrate their inherent strengths and remarkable qualities.

Annette Du Bois Neurodivergent Coach Qualified

Unique Support For Your Unique Child

Every child/teen’s journey is unique, and the struggles they face can often feel overwhelming. However, with the right support, guidance and coaching approach, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

Now is the time to arrange a no-obligation consultation, where Annette can chat with you over the phone and explore your child/teen’s specific needs and discuss your available options. 99% of parents say they felt more reassured and happier after chatting with Annette.

*Please note: ALL coaching sessions are taken by Annette.

Meet Ian Fox (Head of Marketing, Technology, Development and Annette’s Husband)

Ian’s Mission…

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

To support Annette and CHAMPS Academy to be the leading provider of Confidence and Mental Health Coaching for young people worldwide.

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Meet Ian Fox (Head of Marketing, Technology, Development and Annette’s Husband)

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

Ian’s Mission…

To support Annette and CHAMPS Academy to be the leading provider of Confidence and Mental Health Coaching for young people worldwide.

Ian Fox: Master of Mindset, Psychology and Mental Toughness

As an acclaimed author, Mindset Master Trainer, and expert in language and communication, Ian has ventured down paths many would avoid. His mastery of martial arts, health and fitness, combined with his ability to captivate audiences worldwide—having trained high-level military and police personnel, even earning him Guinness World Records—is a testament to his inner strength and spirit.

It’s this very spirit that forms the core of CHAMPS Academy, which he co-founded. Ian firmly believes in equipping children and teens with the tools they need to face life’s challenges head-on. His own childhood experience of severe bullying, which left him lacking confidence and communication skills, fuels this mission.

Now a sought-after speaker on empowerment, mental toughness, and mindfulness, Ian has been featured on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

Ian plays a vital role in assisting Annette’s essential work and developing all aspects of the CHAMPS Academy brand.

Ian Fox co-founder of CHAMPS Academy