Annette Du Bois and Ian Fox have over 45 years collective experience in creating Positive Change, Personal Transformation and Practical Life-Skills in young people.

They didn’t just start CHAMPS Academy because they wanted to succeed in business, they started it because Kids and Young People need REAL, Practical and Workable Tools and Strategies to succeed in life today.

Our Founders

Both Annette and Ian prides themselves on being true leaders, visionaries and two of the world’s most experienced coaches with a proven track record for outstanding results.

Annette Du Bois

Head Coach

Life-Skill and Confidence expert Annette Du Bois is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Kids and Teens Confidence and Mental Well-being. She has coached thousands of young people in how to be more confident and mentally resilient. A multiple Award-Winning Coach and Business Woman who’s  also appeared on TV numerous times and in many national newspapers and publications, including Sky News, The Telegraph and BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

Annette has over 18 years direct experience helping children overcome mental blocks and psychological barriers. She’s also an expert contributor to the media and regularly appears on radio and TV.

Annette developed the ‘CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching’ system, which is the only practical and non-therapy based formulated and highly effective confidence and life-skills coaching system for young people, achieving maximum and rapid results.

Annette has worked with hundreds of young people, giving them tools and skills to overcome everyday challenges and mind based issues, such as fear, anxiety, body confidence and limiting self esteem. Annette is proud to have been the only confidence coach to be chosen by Sky to become a Sky Academy Ambassador and has featured on Sky News and Sky Morning stories talking about kids confidence and unlocking potential.


  • Award Winning

  • Highly Experienced

  • As Seen On TV

  • Recognised Expert and Authority

  • TEDx Speaker

Ian Fox


Ian is an author, NLP Master Teacher, Language and Communication Expert. An acclaimed Martial Arts and Health and Fitness Master, he’s spoken in front of audiences worldwide, appeared on TV and held Guinness World Records.

Ian’s role in CHAMPS is one of continual support because he knows first hand the importance of developing a positive young mind and proactive response to the challenges of being young today. He believes kids need the tools and skills to handle life and the confidence to grow and transcend through challenges.

Ian draws on first hand experience of being severely bullied at School and being left devoid of any confidence and communication skills. Through working with empowering role models and studying with masters of motivation, personal development and mental strength, Ian was able to overcome his inhibitions and self-imposed limitations to achieve at the highest levels in sport, in business and in life.

Ian is now a sought after speaker on Empowerment, Mental Toughness and Mindfulness. You may have heard him on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.


  • Author & Speaker

  • Over 40 Years Experience

  • Mental Toughness and Mindfulness Expert

  • TEDx Speaker

The CHAMPS Academy Promise

 First and foremost we uphold high privacy and confidentiality for all CHAMPS Academy Kids and Parents and is 1000% committed to helping Kids and Young People from all Backgrounds and Cultures and is an inclusive organisation.

Unlike many other organisations and coaching individuals, CHAMPS Academy is extremely powerful, effective and personal.

CHAMPS Academy courses/workshops, one-on-one coaching and training will help your child or teen thrive, succeed and live their life to the full. Helping them become the Bright Star they really are!

We respect your privacy as much as we respect your time and you can be safe in the knowledge that ALL coaches are committed to ensuring your confidentiality at all times.

CHAMPS Academy Coaching is unlike any other Kids/Teens coaching program in the world. More than just another variation of popular psychology or some newfangled “NLP combo”!!! CHAMPS Coaching is proven and practised by our Coaches in their own lives and have been tested and proven time and time again by young people all over the world.

If you hire a CHAMPS Academy Coach then you are in the best hands, giving your child/teen the best strategies and skills available anywhere today.

‘Never accept second best from anyone’… is our motto.

CHAMPS Academy 1:1 coaching programs start with a complimentary 15-minute trial session where the coach identifies barriers and problems and discusses the best and most appropriate solution/package. Parents are welcome to sit-in on the free trial session and will chat through the next steps with the Coach.

We realise that you and your child/teenager have busy lives and will work with you to find the most optimal time for the coaching to take place.

Text the word ‘Kickstart + your name + Post Code’ to:

  • 07543 655117


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