With over 50 years of combined experience… Ian and Annette have created the perfect mixture of instruction, personal experience, and practicality to help people become totally Confident and use Mindfulness to live happier more fulfilled lives.


Both Ian and Annette integrate many of their 50 plus years of professional and personal experience into the Confidence Coaching and Mindfulness mix, including aspects of Personal Empowerment, NLP, Change Work, Breakthrough Psychology Techniques and Mind and Body Wellness to create the ultimate vehicle for mental/physical improvement and optimal results. And above all create highly practical, approachable and usable tools and strategies where Self-Confidence can shine through the muddiest of waters.

Meet Annette and Ian: Confidence and Mindfulness Pioneers.

Both Annette and Ian have a vast treasury of experience, skills and resources to draw upon that very few others can match. They both share an authenticity, genuineness and REAL-WORLD knowledge that’s missing in the world today. Whilst everyone else is bragging on Social Media about how great they are… Annette and Ian work very hard to produce cutting-edge, transformational and life-changing Coaching packages and programs.  Those who understand and appreciate extraordinary value of such knowledge will always seek out CHAMPS Academy.

Annette Du Bois

Head Coach

Life-Skills and Confidence expert Annette Du Bois is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Confidence and Mental Well-being. She has coached thousands of young people in how to be more confident and mentally resilient. A multiple Award-Winning Coach and Business Woman who’s  also appeared on TV numerous times and in many national newspapers and publications, including Sky News, The Telegraph and BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

What is remarkable about Annette is that she is able to help and inspire people from as young as 6 to 101 year old seniors. Annette uses her skills and experience as a demonstration of what is truly possible when you know how to use the power of your thoughts and mind (and apply it correctly). Annette’s approach to Confidence and Mindfulness Coaching is an innovative process that enables people to change limiting beliefs, mental blockages and remove negative patterns with speed, ease, and control.

Annette is a registered Mindfulness teacher with the Mental Health Foundation.


  • Award Winning

  • Highly Experienced

  • As Seen On TV

  • Recognised Expert and Authority

  • TEDx Speaker

Ian Fox


Ian is an author, NLP Master Teacher, Language and Communication Expert. An acclaimed Martial Arts and Health and Fitness Master, he’s spoken in front of audiences worldwide, appeared on TV and held Guinness World Records.

Ian Fox has been a student, teacher and pioneer of mind and body empowerment and eastern philosophy for over 30 years. From an early age, he has been dedicated to the pursuit, education, and practice of Mind/Body Wisdom and Empowered Mindfulness. He is an author, course facilitator and founder of Fox Fitness, which has trained over 7,000 instructors in health and fitness programs across the globe. Ian has helped thousands of people with his unique insights, transformational tools, and inspirational training. Along with being a revered healer, Reiki Master and renowned hypnotherapist for many years, he is a devoted scholar, teacher, and leader of Mindfulness. Ian has appeared on TV, on Radio and in numerous magazines.

Ian is now a sought after speaker on Empowerment, Mental Toughness and Mindfulness. You may have heard him on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.


  • Author & Speaker

  • Over 40 Years Experience

  • Mental Toughness and Mindfulness Expert

  • TEDx Speaker

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