Meet The Inspired Leaders Behind CHAMPS

Over 35 Years Experience

With a collective knowledge base spanning more than 35 years, you can be sure you’re in the best place to find confidence and achievement solutions to help your child or teen be their best and make the most of their life.

Certificated and Approved

You can be sure CHAMPS follows the highest standards of coaching, confidentiality and client care. Fully certificated, insured and DBS vetted.

Affordable Pricing

Our coaching plans are simple and affordable, offering effective solutions that are viewed by parents as a totally worthwhile investment in the well-being and happiness of their child.

Work On Specific Issues

The coaching is tailored to the specific needs of your child or teen. We can offer practical tools and techniques to help them overcome problems/ challenges ranging from lack of confidence to nerves or worries of any kind.

Coaching Tools

We don’t just provide coaching, but also actively measure the results the coaching produces in the day-to-day life of the child/teen. From our ‘Positive Power Prompts’ to Confidence Increase Assessing (CIA) in situations where previously lack of confidence had been an issue.

Flexible Coaching

Because parenting is often a balancing act these days, the coaching sessions can take place at a time to suit you and your child/teen… such as later in the day or on a Saturday (subject to availability of course).

Annette Du Bois

Annette Du Bois is a renowned Childrens and Teens Confidence and Psychological Life-Skills expert and author with over 17 years direct experience helping children overcome mental blocks and psychological barriers. Annette is an expert contributor to the media and regularly appears on radio and TV. You may have seen her in The Telegraph recently. 

Annette developed the ‘CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching’ system, which is the only practical and non-therapy based formulated and highly effective confidence and life-skills coaching system for young people, achieving maximum and rapid results.

Annette has worked with hundreds of young people, giving them tools and skills to overcome everyday challenges and mind based issues, such as fear, anxiety, body confidence and limiting self esteem. Annette is proud to have been the only confidence coach to be chosen by Sky to become a Sky Academy Ambassador and has featured on Sky News and Sky Morning stories talking about kids confidence and unlocking potential.

She has appeared on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and numerous other radio stations and publications across the UK.

Experienced & Proactive

Annette has gained an excellent reputation and large following because she’s committed to giving rapid and effective results to give young people the confidence and communication skills they need in today’s world.

The ‘Go To’ Expert

More and more parents are coming to Annette for personal help (or one of her personally trained Franchised Coaches) for their child or teen. With numerous accolades and feedback from many top experts and organisations Annette’s coaching schedule is always in high demand.

Inspirational & Influential

Annette has real-world experience, being a truly inspirational woman means she can influence young people to make better choices and raise their standards to the highest level.  Her husband and business partner Ian Fox is the Yang to her Yin and together they forge a partnership built on positive and dynamic change.

Watch Annette’s Amazing TEDx Talk

Ian Fox

Ian is an author, NLP Master Teacher, Language and Communication Expert. An acclaimed Martial Arts and Health and Fitness Master, he’s spoken in front of audiences worldwide, appeared on TV and held Guinness World Records.

Ian’s role in CHAMPS is one of continual support because he knows first hand the importance of developing a positive young mind and proactive response to the challenges of being young today. He believes kids need the tools and skills to handle life and the confidence to grow and transcend through challenges.

Ian draws on first hand experience of being severely bullied at School and being left devoid of any confidence and communication skills. Through working with empowering role models and studying with masters of motivation, personal development and mental strength, Ian was able to overcome his inhibitions and self-imposed limitations to achieve at the highest levels in sport, in business and in life.

Ian is now a sought after speaker on Empowerment, Mental Toughness and Mindfulness. You may have heard him on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

Watch Ian’s Insprational TEDx Talk