Coach Annette Du Bois is a Specialist in Self-Confidence, Behaviour and Emotions
in Young People (Sons or Daughters) and is Now Taking on New Clients for a Limited Time.


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Annette Will Help Turn Your Child/Teen’s Confidence And Self-Esteem Around…

Annette Du Bois CHAMPS Academy

Is your child/teen’s lack of confidence and low self-esteem causing you and them problems? Or are they Neurodivergent? Are you struggling with a child/teen who’s unhappy, occasionally withdrawn or is nervous in social situations etc? Do you find your child/teen’s health and happiness is being affected – to the detriment of their quality of life?

You’re not alone. Thousands of parents are trying to cope with kids and young people (both boys and girls) whose lack of confidence is making their life a misery.

But now you can help your child or teenager feel and act more confident and empowered to conquer any barrier, challenges or situation —with CHAMPS Academy Applied Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Transformation Coaching.

  • How to get your child or teen to positively change their communication
  • How to create confidence instantly
  • How to get your child/teen to overcome anxiety, nerves and negative thinking

The Total Solution For Creating Confident and Happy Young People

The CHAMPS Academy Applied Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Transformation Coaching is the ultimate one-on-one coaching program for dealing with children and teenagers who lack confidence, self-esteem or have a problem with communication.

In this one of a kind coaching renowned and Parent Preferred Coach Annette Du Bois will work closely with your child/teen to help improve their confidence and behavior to give you more peace of mind and satisfaction, using the exact techniques CHAMPS Academy uses to help 1000’s of kids and teens across the UK and world transform their confidence and self-belief.

We know because Annette has coached some of the biggest challenges a child or teen experiences in their life growing up. If these techniques can work for them, we believe they can work for you.

5 Top Advantages of Working With Coach Annette Du Bois:

  • Simple and Effective Tools Any Child/Teen Can Use
  • Not Counselling or Invasive Therapy
  • 1:1 Coaching That’s Totally Focused on Your Child/Teens Specific Needs
  • Easy To Apply Methods That Work in Everyday Life Without The “Pushback!”
  • All Coaching Sessions are on Zoom (or other video platform) for Convenience and Comfort

When your Child or Teen (no matter if it’s your Son or Daughter) is coached by Annette Du Bois, it’s a straight talking, enjoyable, no-nonsense and effective program that shows your child/teen exactly what to say and do to improve their confidence – break through mental barriers and take on challenges with easy and lasting results.

Parents: Would You Like To Arrange A Free No Obligation Phone Chat With Annette

This is your unique opportunity to discuss the challenges your child/teen is having confidentially with Annette over the phone.

She will give you the options available and the reassurance that help is at hand (without the LONG wait!).

Learn More About Our 1:1 Self Confidence and Self-Esteem Coaching

In this complex and testing world, no child or teen should be without the shield of self-confidence to protect them.

It’s also about having the tools necessary to take on problems and issues as they arrive.

All young people need a coach, guide and mentor to help them become a successful adult. 

Is Your Child or Teen  Neurodivergent? Learn more about how we can help and support

In the complexity of Neurodivergence Annette offers a host of support and services. 

Whether you’re looking for more clarity, answers or need some 1:1 personal Neurodiversity Coaching to help support their journey, we can help. 

Dr Ayan Panja

This is what author and GP Dr Ayan Panja has to say:

“I’ve seen Annette Du Bois at work at close quarters and she is a breath of fresh air. Annette has a unique blend of skills and tools delivered with compassion, which support and enable children to navigate their own way through tricky times.”


If you’ve tried books, pep-talks, watching online videos, joining sports clubs etc. etc. (perhaps you’ve even tried a child counsellor or child psychologist?) and still your child/teen lacks the confidence and mental tools necessary to handle any situation, then let Annette Du Bois work with them to create the tools and practical skills they need.

We guarantee you’ll see (and enjoy) the results.

  • Take back personal control
  • Restore peace in the home
  • See them improve at school and life in general
  • Get their smile back (priceless!)

“We have tried a number of ‘psychologists’ to help our son with his confidence/anxiety issues but Annette is the
only one to make a real difference and Matthew has taken a real shine to her. We are so happy to have
found Annette and Matthew relishes his time with her. Thanks Annette.”

Need Proof? Here’s a Quick Case Study:

Enquiry: A Parent got in touch with CHAMPS Academy about their teen daughter struggling with low self esteem and lacking in confidence.

Initial Process: They booked a no-obligation chat with Annette to find out more and gain some helpful reassurance. The main challenges the teen was experiencing were as follows:

  • Social anxiety around initiating conversations with peers etc.
  • Isolating (avoiding) from social groups due to fear of being judged or rejected.
  • Becoming more distracted in class (losing focus) and subsequently grades were dropping

Trial Coaching Session: As soon as Annette’s schedule allowed, a no-obligation Free Trial session was arranged with the teen, where they met Annette (on Zoom) and learn some helpful tools and distinctions at the same time.

Because Annette offers a more open and rapport building approach to her coaching, the Mum also attended to help settle her daughter’s initial apprehensions of meeting someone new, this made the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable. Giving both Parent and Teen valuable insight. At CHAMPS Academy it’s our policy to allow parents to attend/sit in on the coaching sessions, where it be the Free Trial session or any other coaching session in the process. But it’s purely optional and of course depends on if the child/teen is comfortable with their Parent being there?

Post Trial Session: Following the session Annette emails her feedback and personal evaluation of the child/teens specific needs, along with suggested coaching package for the Parent to peruse. This also gives the Parent the opportunity to ask any questions or gain further clarification.

Coaching Package: The teen (and Mum) was very satisfied with the trial session and what was covered and subsequently booked their teen on the CHAMPS Academy Teen Social Confidence 6-Week Coaching package.

The Results: Prior to the coaching starting, the parent completes a booking form, which includes our proprietary pre-coaching scoring process. This offers a helpful ‘before the coaching’ perspective. Then towards the end of the coaching sessions, a similar one is sent to the Parent to evaluate progress so far, with what objectives have ben achieved. Annette then evaluates the progression and emails the evidential progress report to the Parent.

As part of the report, the Parent can see the specific areas (see graph below) where their child has made progress and improved growth areas.

How CHAMPS Academy Coaching Measures Progress

Stop the Negativity. Get Back the Confidence

As an experienced and established Confidence Life Coach for children and teenagers, Annette deals on a daily basis with young people who struggle with confidence, anxiety, friendship issues, social anxiety, dark thoughts, self harm, anger, emotional dysregulation, school attendance, changing schools, (and other school related issues), exam stress, negative thoughts, lacking in motivation, peer pressure, body image, self-belief, and many other modern day issues young people experience.

But in a strange way, these are the lucky ones – because their parents understand that they have psychological setbacks, chokeholds and issues, and have taken steps to address them which will hopefully put their children or teen on the right path.

It’s such a concern that many parents are inadvertently unaware of their child/teen problems, (or they think they’ll grow out of it?) because without the proper interventions, giving them the skills and strategies to cope with the pressures of growing up, they will without doubt carry these limiting thought patterns through their school years, getting less and less confident as they get older. Or they develop deeper psychological issues?!

They will not grow out of it, more likely to grow into it!

Recent research has also shown parents underestimate their children’s confidence and miss the crucial negative impact that even traditionally nerve-wracking occasions, like starting a new school, performing in public or taking an exam, have on their kid’s confidence.

Not to mention the severe negative impact the Pandemic has had on today’s young people.

But this does NOT have to happen to your child/teen… because CHAMPS Academy can help you.

When Annette works with your child/teen you can expect the following:

  • A BIG Boost in Self-Esteem
  • Noticeable Increase in Self Confidence
  • They’ll Control Their Thoughts and Inner Chat
  • Communicate with Assertiveness, Respect and Clarity
  • And So MUCH More Too!

lf You’ve Tried Everything and Still Frustrated, This Will Change Everything!

Doctor Recommended Service

Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) is routinely referred by many GPs (as an alternative to CAMHS etc.) and has even worked with the Children of Doctors*. *This is not a free service.

Meet Your Coach Annette Du Bois

Meet Your Coach Annette Du Bois

Annette Du Bois Coaching

“Annette is the coach to go to.” Say Parents.

“Hello, I’m Annette Du Bois the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy and along with my husband Ian have built CHAMPS Academy to what it is today. I’ve Helped Thousands of Kids/Teens Overcome Anxiety, Mental Blocks and their Psychological challenges…To Raise Their Confidence To New Heights. And become a Confident, Happy Child/Teenager they deserve to be. Getting their smiles back and being happier and more life prepared.

So far CHAMPS Academy have helped over 365,000 young people improve their confidence, emotions, communication, language, resilience and happiness. And I totally believe we can help you and your child”.

Read more about Annette>


Coaching with Annette Du Bois and CHAMPS Academy Coaching is unlike anything else around and is a totally unique and different approach with one outcome… to help your child or teen overcome their limitations and problems and succeed (whatever their definition?).

Read Why More Parents Choose CHAMPS Academy Than Anyone Else>

This is NOT talk Therapy or any Psychobabble nonsense… its built on true, genuine experience and relevancy to the challenges your kids face today.

Annette will become a trusted friend/adviser to your child/teen and help them see things differently and to the best of their ability, no matter what the issue, challenge or problem.

Annette specialises in making them feel connected to someone who can objectively offer transformational advice which they will want to use in their daily life (whereas many other coaches and options experience huge pushback and resistance).

Annette will give them the Confidence they deserve and the Emotional-Skills they need for today and tomorrow. See it a kind of future happiness insurance.

Annette works with Kids, Teens and Parents from all over the World. Such as: UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, and Europe etc.

What’s more CHAMPS Academy is an inclusive organisation, which helps Kids and Young People from all Backgrounds and Cultures.

One of our specialist areas is Teen Coaching and Young Adult Mentoring (14 years up). You can learn more here>


Read What Parents and Young People Think About Annette’s Coaching?

This is what REAL parents and young people think about Annette’s coaching, learn from their own experience and how it helped and influenced them! This is definitely worth a visit.

Read Genuine CHAMPS Academy Success Stories

Our success stories speak for themselves… please take a moment to read some of our amazing transformations, which is at the heart of how Annette coaches.

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Counselling?

There is often confusion about the differences between coaching and having counselling or therapy? This page explains the difference and how it can benefit you and your child/teen. Annette offers practical and effective coaching that works for young people and Adolescence today.

Practical and Personal 1:1 Coaching …  For The Challenges Kids and Teens Face Today! For Example:

  • More Self Confidence

  • Improved Communication

  • Respect and Character

  • Resilience To Overcome Tough Situations

  • Achievement and Success

  • Change Nerves into Confidence

  • Building Self Esteem

  • Manage Exam or School Work Pressures
  • Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Coping with Change
  • How to Better Manage Decisions and Consequences of Actions

  • Friendship Issues

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Handle Peer Pressure

  • Develop Self-Motivation

  • Get Better Results At School

  • Increase Mental Well-Being

  • Create a Growth Mindset

  • Overcome Shyness

  • Improve Relationships with Parents
  • Overcome Bullying Issues

  • Career and Professional Development

  • Social Confidence Coaching

  • School Attendance

  • Manage Negative Emotions

  • Self Harm

  • Control Anxiety

  • Avoid Over Stimulation with Technology

  • Handle Disappointment and Rejection

  • Manage Stress
  • Change Body Image Issues

  • Adapting to change

  • Emotional Resilience Coaching

  • Preparing for University

  • Boarding School Life

  • School Entry Exam Confidence

  • Social and Emotional Overwhelm

And Much More!

Get The Help And Support Your Child Or Teen Is Looking For, Starting Now!

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