Is Your Child Or Teen Anxious, Struggling With Their Self Confidence / Emotions etc.?

Here’s your unique opportunity for your Child/Teen to work 1:1 with the World’s Most Effective Confidence and Neurodiversity Coach Annette Du Bois!

Annette’s Ultimate Aim

Annette’s Mission is to Help Your Child, Teen / Young Adult Become More Self-Confident, Emotionally Resilient, Stronger and Happier… Becoming the Ultimate Version of Themselves!

Self Confidence and Life Skills Coaching

Empowering and Transformative.

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Neurodiverse / Neurodivergent Coaching For Children and Teens

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“My life coach has been a game-changer, helping me set and achieve goals and improve my overall well-being.”


Watch Annette’s welcome video as she explains more about her coaching and how effective it is.

Annette’s Mission

Her Mission is to Help Your Child, Teen or Young Adult Become More Emotionally Resilient, Stronger and Happier… Becoming the Ultimate Version of Themselves!

But don’t just take our word for it. Our past customers have seen incredible transformations in their child/teenagers’ lives, with improvements in self-confidence, social skills, and overall happiness and well-being.

Annette is able to connect with young people at a special level and see breakthroughs where top counsellors, psychologists and charities have failed or had mediocre results.

“Let’s work together to help your child/teen become the happy confident and successful young person they were meant to be”.

See some of our many genuine reviews:

CHAMPS Academy is rated five stars on trustpilot

    “I’ve seen Annette Du Bois at work at close quarters
    and she is a breath of fresh air. Annette has a unique blend of skills and
    tools delivered with compassion,
    which support and enable children to navigate their own way through tricky times.”

    Dr Ayan Panja

    Book Your Child/Teen in for a FREE No Obligation Trial Session with Annette

    Don’t let your child/teen’s confidence issues, anxieties or Neurodiversity hold them back any longer. Book them in for a Free Taster/Trial session with Annette without obligation or pressure.

    Annette’s Coaching and results speak for themselves, so we don’t need to pressure Parents, they just see the changes and are thrilled.

    When you have completed a few details below, Annette will get back to you to arrange the trial session.

    Please act now as her availability is VERY limited due to high demand. Coaching spaces running low. 

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    Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) is routinely referred by many GPs (as an alternative to CAMHS etc.) and has even worked with the Children of Doctors*. *This is not a free service. 

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    Let Annette Du Bois Help Your Child or Teen NOW!

    Let Annette Du Bois Help Your Child or Teen NOW!

    “Annette is the coach to go to.” Say many Parents.

    “Hello, I’m Annette Du Bois the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy and I’ve Helped Thousands of Kids/Teens Overcome Anxiety and Mental Blocks…To Raise Their Confidence To New Heights.

    Become a Confident, Happy Child/Teenager. Get their smile back and be their best self!

    So far CHAMPS Academy have helped over 300,000 young people improve their confidence, emotionscommunicationlanguageresilience and happiness

    And I totally believe we can help you and your child”.

    Coaching with Annette Du Bois and CHAMPS Academy Coaching is unlike anything else around and is a totally unique and different approach with one outcome… to help your child or teen overcome their limitations and problems and succeed.

    Annette will become a trusted friend/adviser to your child/teen and help them perform at their best, no matter what the issue, challenge or problem.

    She specialises in making them feel connected to someone who can objectively offer transformational advice which they will want to use in their daily life.

    Annette will give them the Confidence they deserve and the Emotional-Skills they need for today and tomorrow.

    Annette works with Kids, Teens and Parents from all over the World. Such as: UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, and Europe etc.

    CHAMPS Academy is an inclusive organisation, who help Kids and Young People from all Backgrounds and Cultures.

    Annette Du Bois Kids Coach
    Read What Parents and Young People Think About Annette’s Coaching?

    This is what REAL parents and young people think about Annette’s coaching, learn from their own experience and how it helped and influenced them! This is definitely worth a visit.

    Read CHAMPS Academy Success Stories

    Our success stories speak for themselves… please take a moment to read some of our amazing transformations, which is at the heart of how Annette coaches.

    What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Counselling?

    There is often confusion about the differences between coaching and having counselling or therapy? This page explains the difference and how it can benefit you and your child/teen. Annette offers practical and effective coaching that works for young people and Adolescence today.

    “My life coach has been a game-changer, helping me set and achieve goals and improve my overall well-being.”

    Practical and Personal Coaching Support and Help…  For The Challenges Kids and Teens Face Today!

    • More Self Confidence

    • Improved Communication

    • Respect and Character

    • Resilience To Overcome Tough Situations

    • Achievement and Success

    • Change Nerves into Confidence

    • Be More Creative

    • Manage Exam or School Work Pressures
    • Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

    • Emotional Regulation

    • Understanding different life changes
    • How to better manage decisions and consequences of actions

    • Friendship Issues

    • Make Better Decisions
    • Handle Peer Pressure

    • Develop Self-Motivation

    • Get Better Results At School

    • Increase Mental Well-Being

    • Create a Growth Mindset

    • Overcome Shyness

    • Improve Relationships with Parents
    • Overcome Bullying Issues

    • Career and Professional Development

    • Social Confidence Coaching

    • School Attendance

    • Manage Negative Emotions

    • Make Appropriate Choices

    • Control Social Media Anxiety
    • Avoid Over Stimulation with Technology

    • Handle Disappointment and Rejection

    • Relax More and Feel Happier

    • Change Body Image Issues

    • Adapting to change

    • Emotional Resilience Coaching

    • Preparing for University

    • Boarding School Life

    • School Entry Exam Confidence

    • Social and Emotional Overwhelm

    “We have tried a number of ‘psychologists’ to help our son with his confidence/anxiety issues but Annette is the only one to make a real difference and Matthew has taken a real shine to her. We are so happy to have found Annette and Matthew relishes his time with her. Thanks Annette.”