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Is Your Child Or Teen Anxious and Struggling With Their Self Confidence?

Get Help NOW!Ā Our Mission is to Help Your Child, Teen or Young Adult Become More Emotionally Resilient, Stronger and Happier… BecomingĀ the Ultimate Version of Themselves!

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Initially this is just with the Parent, not the child/teen at this stage.

Annette has been amazing and has really helped with my teenage daughters social anxiety.


Highly recommend Champs Academy!

Pal Ramanathan

I can already see a huge improvement to my daughters confidence.

Judith Hughes

We were lucky enough to find Annette who has been amazing, she has enabled my daughter to gain calmness, reassurance and a sense of positivity.

Paul Killington

Brilliant coach and valuable lessons


Our 9 year old son really benefited from his sessions with Annette. The sessions really helped him to process the difficult time he was going through, and helped him to see things clearly.

William (Sweden)

Miraculous results!

Jo Wallace

“Annette is the coach to go to.”Ā Parent.

Let CHAMPS Academy Help Your Child or Teen NOW!

Hello, I’m Annette Du Bois the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy and I’ve Helped Thousands of Kids/Teens Overcome Anxiety and Mental Blocks…To Raise Their Confidence To New Heights.

Become a Confident, Happy Child. Get their smile back and be their best self!

So far CHAMPS Academy have helped overĀ  300,000 young people improve their confidence, emotions, communication, language, resilience and happiness. And I totally believe we can help you and your child.

CHAMPS Academy Coaching is unlike anything else around and is a totally unique and different approach with one outcome… to help your child or teen overcome their limitations and problems and succeed.

I will become a trusted friend/adviser to your child/teen and help them perform at their best, no matter what the issue, challenge or problem. I specialise in making them feel connected to someone who can objectively offer transformational advice they will want to use in their life.

To give them the Confidence they deserve and the Emotional-Skills they need for today and tomorrow.

I work with Kids, Teens and Parents from all over the World. Such as: UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, and Europe etc.

CHAMPS Academy is an inclusive organisation, we help Kids and Young People from all Backgrounds and Cultures.

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“We have tied a number of ‘psychologists’ to help our son with his confidence/anxiety issues but Annette is the only one to make a real difference and Matthew has taken a real shine to her. We are so happy to have found Annette and Matthew relishes his time with her. Thanks Annette.”


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What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Counselling?

The bottom line is there is a significant distinction between Coaching and Counselling (such as CAMHS etc) and your Child or Teen probably doesn’t need a Counsellor (or Therapist), they need practical strategies and techniques that work in their everyday lives.

Read our article on the difference and what you need to know

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Young Adult

The Only Young Adult Mentorship/Coaching Program thatā€™s 100% Customized to Fit With Your Teens Unique Traits, Talents, Ideal Learning Style & the Precise Goals They Want To Achieve.

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Above are the average results young people receive from CHAMPS Academy Coaching. These are by far not the only benefits of coaching with CHAMPS Academy, but are some of the main ones.Ā 

Practical Coaching, Support and Helpā€¦Ā  For The Challenges Kids and Teens Face Today!

  • More Self Confidence

  • Improved Communication

  • Respect and Character

  • Resilience To Overcome Tough Situations

  • Achievement and Success

  • Change Nerves into Confidence

  • Be More Creative

  • Manage Exam or School Work Pressures

  • Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

  • Understanding different life changes

  • How to better manage decisions and consequences of actions

  • Make New Friends

  • Make Decisions Easier and Faster

  • Handle Peer Pressure

  • Develop Self-Motivation

  • Get Better Results At School

  • Increase Mental Well-Being

  • Overcome Shyness

  • Improve Relationships with Parents

  • Overcome Bullying Issues

  • Career and Professional Development

  • Social Confidence Coaching

  • Manage Negative Emotions

  • Make Appropriate Choices

  • Control Social Media Anxiety/Dependence

  • Find Better Solutions

  • Avoid Over Stimulation with Technology

  • Handle Disappointment and Rejection

  • Relax More and Feel Happier

  • Change Body Image Issues

  • Adapting to change

  • Emotional Resilience Coaching

Meet Your Coach — Annette Du Bois

Hello… I’m Annette Du Bois the founder of CHAMPS Academy and have over 30 plus years experience in creating Positive Change, Breakthroughs, Personal Transformation and Practical Life-Skills in young people.

Will your child be next?

Annette Du Bois

Annette is the Coach Leader and CHAMPS Academy Co-founder.

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Annette Du Bois

Annette is the only Coach that can really help your child or teen more than anything else you’ve seen.

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