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The CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching is the ultimate one-on-one coaching  or group (where applicable?) program for dealing with children and teenagers who lack confidence, self-esteem or have a problem with communication. In this one of a kind coaching our highly trained coaches will work closely with your child/teen to help improve their confidence and  behaviour to give you more peace of mind and satisfaction, using the exact techniques CHAMPS uses to help 1000’s of kids and teens across the UK and World transform their confidence and self-belief.  

We know because CHAMPS has worked for some of the most difficult situations imaginable. If these techniques can work for them, we believe they can work for you.

  • Simple and Effective Tools Any Child/Teen Can Use
  • Not Counselling or Invasive Therapy
  • Easy To Apply into Everyday Life
  • Practical Tools for Improved Mental Health. 

CHAMPS Coaching is a straight talking no-nonsense program that shows your child/teen exactly what to say and do to explode their confidence – break through internal barriers and challenges with easy and lasting results. 

“The Total Solution For Creating Confident and Happy Young People”

If you’ve tried books, pep-talks, sports and negotiating skills and your child/teen still lacks the confidence necessary to handle any situation,  then let us work with them to create the tools and skills they need.

We guarantee you’ll see (and enjoy) the results.

  • Take back control
  • Restore peace in the home
  • See them improve at school and  life in general


Is your child’s lack of confidence causing you and them problems? Are you struggling with a child who’s unhappy, occasionally withdrawn or is nervous in social situations? Do you find your child’s health and happiness is being affected – to the point of their quality of life?

You’re not alone.  Thousands of parents are trying to cope with kids whose lack of confidence is making their life a misery. But now you can help your child to feel and act more confident and empowered to conquer any barrier—with The CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Transformation Coaching.

  • How to get your child to change their communication
  • How to create confidence instantly 
  • How to get your child to overcome anxiety, nerves and negative thinking

“To look at my daughter today, you’d never know that they had a huge confidence problem. Although I put my heart and soul into being a good parent, I couldn’t have given them the skills they really needed to become more confident. Thanks to Annette’s coaching and advice we are a happy family once again.”  

Mrs M Shields


As a Confidence Coach for children and teenagers, I deal on a daily basis with young people who struggle with body confidence, self-belief and bullying issues. But in a strange way, these are the lucky ones – their parents understand that they have confidence issues, and have taken steps to address them which will hopefully put their children on the right path.

It’s such a concern that many parents are unaware of their children’s problems, because without the proper skills and strategies to cope with the pressures of growing up, children could carry this unhappiness through their school years, getting less confident as they get older.

That does NOT have to happen… CHAMPS can help you.

Recent research has also shown parents underestimate their children’s confidence and miss the crucial negative impact that even traditionally nerve-wracking occasions, like starting a new school, performing in public or taking an exam, have on their kid’s confidence. 

  • Boost Self-Esteem
  • Control Thoughts and Inner Chat
  • Communicate with Assertiveness, Respect and Clarity

 lf You’ve Tried Everything and Still Frustrated, This Will Change Everything!

Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy Founder)