Resources To Help Prevent and STOP Bullying

Let’s face facts — Bullying has many forms and can ruin your life or the life of your Child if not handled correctly. 

It often feels as though there is little you can do to stop it? But now there is something you CAN do.

You can learn how to use numerous techniques for building your defences against the Bully no matter who they are or how long it’s been going on.

Some people are taught to say “NO” or avoid the Bullies but this seldom works and can often fuel the problem. 

Bullying’ is like the common cold — it happens to almost everyone at some point, but no one has yet found a “cure!” 

This page helps shore up your resources and offers some practical tips, articles and support to help your child or teen. 

Kids who are trapped in the Bullying cycle can feel helpless and victimised, but with the right strategies and techniques the exit point out of the worries can be clear and accessible. 

Why Most Bullying Solutions Don’t Work

  1. Techniques Take Too Long To Learn and Use: One of the biggest reasons why people keep getting Bullied is because they either don’t know what to do or what they use doesn’t work because it takes too long to remember under pressure or is too complicated. That’s the main reason why most Martial Arts are “NOT” effective against Bullying.
  2. People Focus on the Wrong Issues: Most people get Bullied because they project a “Victim” identity. Bullying begins in the mind of the Bullied.
  3. Psychological Tools Are Missing: Too much time is spent on “physical” approaches when the victim is too scared to react and do anything effective.
  4. Ineffective Communication Techniques Are Taught or Ignored Altogether: Most Bullying is “non-physical” and verbal in nature. 75% or more is verbal or psychological attack.
  5. No Emotional Intelligence: The mental scars will last long after the attack has ceased and Bullying will continue for years to come if not handled appropriately.

Bully Tips For Scared Kids And Stressed Teens

Don’t let your kids be bullied, victimised, intimidated or harassed by anyone. When there is lots you can do to STOP IT!

Read this helpful article for some valuable tips, tools and inspiration. 

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Street Smart Safety and Awareness

Keeping your kids and teens safe on the streets has become ever more complex in today’s society

This helpful article offers up some insightful and informative tips your kids can apply to their daily routines and lifestyle. 

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