Free 15 Minute Session with a CHAMPS Confidence Expert! Very Limited Availability.

Our Coaching and Services

Confidence Coaching

One-on-one private and bespoke confidence and communication coaching for your Child/Teen in the privacy and security of your own home.

Confidence Club

We are delighted to be able to tell you about the start of our new members only CHAMPS Academy Confidence Club. If you are committed to giving your child/teen the best start in life and want them to breakthrough barriers and limitations then we invite you to apply for a place in the CHAMPS Academy Confidence Club and join a community of like minded proactive parents dedicated to their Child’s/Teen’s success and wellbeing. Selected areas only. Details coming soon.

Confidence For Schools

Confidence For Higher Achievement in Schools. With confidence levels varying to such dramatic degrees from School to School and from area to area we decided that something MUST be done. Every child deserves to be able to access their best mental state and confidence levels to achieve all they can from their Education. That’s why we created a fantastic new program called TransforMind! Teachers are trained and empowered to facilitate positive changes and give the key skills to bring out the CHAMPS in their pupils. Coming soon.

Speaking and Presenting

Annette Du Bois and Ian Fox are available for speaking engagements and presentations for events, seminars or exhibitions etc.

Confidence Products

Here you will find several great products to help your child manage their mind, emotions, confidence and well-being. You can get DVDs, Audios, 7 Day Plans and other great products.

Download The CHAMPS App

The CHAMPS Kids Confidence App is the perfect accompaniment on any parent or child’s phone or device to help boost confidence and reduce stress. Available for download now on Apple and Android App stores.

Why CHAMPS is The #1 Confidence Coaching Solution…

100’s of parents have entrusted Annette to help their kids and teens live happier more confident lives.

Body Confidence

Physiology plays a key role in how we feel. Creating positive body language through movement activities and interactive exercises, your child will learn simple and fun ways to change the way they hold themselves and act.

Resilience Under Pressure

Resilience is essential for children to learn how to overcome disappointment, deal with failure and manage change. Your child will learn simple techniques to overcome resistance, and create more flexible and cooperative mental states. They gain a healthy outlook on life and growing up.

Practical Relaxation

Relaxation makes a massive difference to sleep patterns, concentration and behaviour. Through simple breathing techniques and visualisation exercises you’ll notice a big difference in your child’s ability to relax, be calm and better control their state.

Positive Self-Talk

Anxiety, stress and worry create a negative internal voice. Your child will learn positive communication techniques to easily help them deal with emotions and ‘head-noise’! These practical tools help them take back control of their thoughts and minds.

Emotional Control

Your child or teen will learn easy ways to safely let go of worries, better control, balance their emotions and gain a massive boost in self-esteem.


The empowering self motivation techniques boosts their confidence to better communicate with themselves and others.

Coaching Success Stories

TV Appearances, Speaking & Achievements